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Week9 08-Sep-2018 Uk Football Pool One Banker Draw Game & Prove
Week11 Uk fut-ball pool RSK Papal Online Review Soccer Bob Morton & Capital

Week9 08-Sep-2018 Uk Football Pool One Banker Draw Game & Prove

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Week9 08-Sep-2018 Uk Football Pool One Banker Draw Game & Prove



Looking for one banker draw game for this week9 of this 2018/2019 football season. You are
on the right site in here we will prove to you one banker draw game i called it one gazetted
draw game for you to add to your pairs or two game for possible wining, we want every one
visiting this blog to smile every week that why we are making this possible to you all.

Hello every one welcome to week9 football coupon week are you in search of one banker draw
game and prove you are most welcome because in here we will prove one banker game before
weekend in this very week 9 uk football coupon. And also i would like to inform you that is
reading this now that you have a chance to display you banker draw and prove. you can do
that with the comment box .

Important Notice:

Here in every week banker , you’re required to post just either your best banker draw game or best
pair or best winning line up games. You don’t need to post more or much. We need to recognize
you as a banker or pair or winning line specialist. We appreciate it when you’re concise and explicit
in your comment. Please don’t post more than once weekly banker comment.

Our Little Token Reward:

Anyone who delivers three consecutive weeks of winning banker gets a 1500 naira reward. Also, if
you deliver four weeks live pairs winning streak, you win a 1500 naira. And finally, if you deliver a
3 weeks winning lines streak, you earn 1500 naira. And with time it will increase.

If you decide to post a pair, banker and winning line altogether, each of them must deliver if you
deliver four weeks to received you token and again when posting any of your pairs or banker please
use a specific name so that the admin we know is your.

Admin Banker For Week 9

Two Banker Draw Game 18 AND 38 TWO DRAWS


I’m dropping two banker game for this week9. for the past few weeks we have not been doing
well, when it come to our weekly banker draw game. Thank God for what we have today 2 DRAW’s
this week 9.
if you are the type that know how to forecast: Go to week 4 to FULL LIST in bob Morton papal in
number 48 you will see game 2 in 39 you will see game 22 which is family number. then that game
39 we move to short list to number 17 the other one which is 2 will move to number 22 on that
SHORT LIST Same thing this week 18&38 two draws mean while check back to see if i have added 1draw

Image result for 18 and 38 in club jersey     Related image


Nap for the week: 18 31 38 posted  time 2:51 pm




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  1. 39pair47 25cbk

  2. this number will never fail you 11xxxxx Prove: Accrington at home, add the position to give you a registered draw. Accrington @29 …2+9 = 11xxxx
    Good work admin

  3. My unfailing banker for week 9 is no17cbk, prove game 30 away team of SAF first leta+ last leta to draw the following week. Ref. Since the season.

  4. perm site two banker draw with this games 22 / 27 and smile……..

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