Sunday , 19 August 2018
Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove
Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove

Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove

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Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove


Looking for one banker draw game for this week 6 of this 2018/2019 football season. You are
on the right site in here we will prove to you one banker draw game i called it one gazetted
draw game for you to add to your pairs or two game for possible wining, we want every one
visiting this blog to smile every week that why we are making this possible to you all.

are you searching for this week banker draw game, week6 banker game, week 6 best pair
games. I would like you to stop searching because you are on the right site.

week 05 banker was 13 and find out with this LINK

And also you can check back this site every week of play because one solid banker we be
release very week on this site so i would advice you to check back to see the one banker
draw every week on this site thank you.  Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove……….

Week6 banker game and prove is

Image result for club jersey with number 37


Week 10 2017/2018 Sunday and Saturday date was 16/17 add it it together
16+17= 33 you will find Cambridge U VS Coventry there 33 failed to draw
Week 31 2017/2018 Sunday and Saturday date was 10/11 add it it together
10+11= 21 you will find Wimbledon VS Northampton 21 failed to draw.

this new season those four game will come and enter change their self to play
the team that was @ home last season will pick the away team of the other one
to play draw

This season week 05 Sunday and Saturday date is 11/12 add it
11+12= 23 you will find (Wimbledon vs Coventry) 23XX
Week 06 Sunday and Saturday date is 18/19 add it
18+19= 37 you will find (Cambridge U vs Northampton) 37 XCB
Week 06 MARK 37X.

Do you have this on your forecast this week happy is you:   3 10 27 30 37……


coupon fixtures: every week we make available coupon fixtures here for you to forecast
ahead or know what the next play look like so i would advice you to bookmark this site

Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove

RSK papal review

RSK papal review: also we make available here all rsk papal maybe you are at home and
you want to check if what and what number is in front of bob Morton papal pool capital
soccer all you need to do is to make visit in here to view the particular week papal you


Check in bank here to see all result of pool every week of play CLICK HERE

Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove

Week6 2018-08-18 One Banker Draw Game & Prove

Livescore: Soccer Scores


Please if you played coupon pool and you know are to forecast and you are going true this post.
I would like to welcome you to this blog In past years i made some good wining
copy of bet9ja in teams of 5/5, 4/4 and some weekly one banker draw game.

So this season i decide to make it public to all pool starkers and those that play games online. Just
5 draw games can change your life forever believe me. The reason why i’m pleads to you guys do
you have a banker or a pairs i would like you to drop you banker or {pairs} in the comment box is
more or less like promoting you game you can decide to drop your email address or phone
number for those that want to call you for appreciation or any thing more please drop your banker
and pair with the comment box let join hand together and make this season a memorable one for
will all Thank you as you comply with us.

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  1. My banker for week 6 is 15xxxx and others,if you wish play the banker alone online then do so or better still contact me for a small fee. 09073343584

  2. Week 6
    week 4: Chelsea vs man city; 0-2
    week 5: Arsenal Vs man city; 0-2
    week 6: Chelsea vs arsenal @3 is a full time draw
    they don’t have any choice than to make a draw 0-0
    big thanks admin for this plat form i await your special banker
    of the week thanks for last week banker

  3. Mr Mayor
    I’ve got CURRENT Sequence that’ll produce 6/6, no gist.. Hit me up for just a token..
    I’ll send you the Game and the CURRENT Sequence for you to confirm yourself..
    Welcome to the Bank
    Wk5 is 10, 20, 30… 12, 20, 21.. 6/6… All drew..
    Wk6.. 11xxx,
    Hit me up 07019339582

  4. this is coming late but just decide to make it a comment to the blog so many games this week 6: 12 27 48 is still good to try 5…25

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